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1. Higham's Building - Walk This Way
OUTDOOR FACADE. Projections on High Title site. Adapted from vintage signs by VJzoo.

"Neon and flashing-bulb signs first transformed night-time cityscapes over a hundred years ago, and they still hold their appeal in spite of high-tech high-res LED substitutes."

2. Origins - Never Let Me Go
WINDOW - Feast Your Eyes Popup Gallery - artist Anya Brock, current exhibition.

"Anya’s experience within the fashion industry is evident in her work, gravitating towards aloof, sensual and often seductive female images as well as bright, ‘poppy’ colour palettes. Anya’s “girls” are captivating, intriguing and beguiling. They express the complicated nature of female sexuality: innocent and playful, and at times deceptive and powerful".

3. Merenda Gallery - Various Artists
OUTDOOR FACADE - Huge, bright, bold projections of Indigenous art projected onto Merenda Gallery.

"Merenda Gallery offers a range of works by well known artists, many of whom are represented in major public and private collections. The gallery also offers exciting opportunities to collect new and emerging talents as they make their impact upon the indigenous art scene".

4. Love in Tokyo - Costumes of the Jazz Age
WINDOW - Video for the Beaux Arts Ball by VJzoo; photographs by Sheree Dornan of Love In Tokyo.

"Fashion and Art are not exclusive, here are some Living Works of Art for your consideration".

5. Djurra Day Spa - Freo Faces
WINDOW - Photographs by Edda Pinelli

"These portraits are part of an album taken as a document to the richness and variety of our community. Some people, the locals, I may have seen almost everyday, others only just the once. Many of these faces are still part of the town, though some have moved on and others are sadly no longer here, they will always be in Fremantle in these photographs".

6. B+M Store - Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
WINDOW - 1950's flick in a retro TV frame, made by B+M Store
7. David Giles Studios - Various Artists
WINDOW - Artwork by various artists exhibited by David Giles Studios.

"David Giles Art Studios was established by well known Australian artist David Giles to provide an outlet for his own work and for artists from the "Freedom School" group".

8. The Buffalo Club - the Buffellow 
OUTDOOR FACADE - animations by VJzoo.

"The Buffellow is a steampunk bovine gent. Whether he's cycling his Penny Farthing or piloting his fantasic Dirigible, he is always appropriately attired and ready for action".

9. Japingka Gallery - Various Artists 
WINDOW - Indigenous artwork by various artists exhibited by Japingka Gallery.

"Japingka Gallery is committed to sourcing the best Indigenous Fine Art works using its vast experience and extensive industry-wide contacts. Japingka Gallery is committed to maintaining a full exhibition program that showcases to a wide audience not only established and highly recognised Indigenous Artists, but also new and emerging talent".

10. Brooker Furniture - Landscapes
WINDOW - Landscape photography by Adam Monk

"My name is Adam Monk, I am a Landscape Photographer. I have been camping and hiking since I was young, I have always loved the wild untouched places, the peace and quiet of the bush both here in Australia and in my travels overseas to other countries. Landscape Photography was a natural next step, to be able to bring some of these raw Naked Landscapes back home, to show them to others and hopefully inspire a little of the same things I feel when I’m out there".

11. Bar Orient - Shore Leave
OUTDOOR FACADE - Vintage Sailors and Lighthouse, animated by VJzoo

"Fremantle has been a favourite shore-leave destination for sailors around the world for over a century. After sighting the lighthouse's beacon, these fellows are doing a little jig to celebrate".

12. Institute for Social Justice - Silhouette Dancer
OUTDOOR FACADE - Dancer from Anything Is Valid Dance Theatre, video by VJzoo

"Inspired by the 'flashmobbing' culture, AIVDT is taking to the streets with fresh determination to demystify contemporary dance and make it more accessible through performances in public spaces. The dancers hope to surprise, intrigue, confuse and inspire those who manage to catch a glimpse of their strange and engaging performances. They have been working with VJzoo for several years, and this piece is a result of that collaboration".

13. Notre Dame Prospective Students Office - 36 Circles
OUTDOOR FACADE - video art by Sam Proctor, aka VJ Lambency.

"In this work I am linking my imagination with that of an unknown street artist in Rio de Janeiro. I photographed 36 art works as stills. I removed the background to get the essential design and morphed each photo into a video work. The viewer can glance at the work and take away just one impression or can enter into the way the forms move into each other over the whole sequence. I would love to take my work back to Rio!"

14. Notre Dame Physiotherapy Lab - Ship Ahoy!
OUTDOOR FACADE - Vintage boats animated by VJzoo

"Some historic ships have visited the Port of Fremantle - here are just a few".

15. Notre Dame Admissions Office - Dis-embark-ation
WINDOW - Paintings by artist Alba Cinquini.

" My work "Dis-embark-ation" is a playful look at travel, the tourist and appropriation. The ritual of the holiday slide show of exotic locations and favourite places, all documented as evidence of the journey is revisited with painted images. The bright colours, strong patterns and ethereal images resonate of other cultures.

The tourist/photographer/collector is also captured and replicated in various stages as part of the ritual and has now become part of the journey, no longer just a spectator".

16. Owston's Buildings - Angels Above
OUTDOOR FACADE - Renaissance art collaged by VJzoo

"Frescoes were painted directly onto wet plaster in the golden age of the Renaissance. Now with projection, we can put them onto new walls - these are a few of our favourites".

17. Notre Dame School of Business/Fremantle Hotel - Glasslight 
OUTDOOR FACADE - Antique stained glass collaged and animated by VJzoo

"Stained glass was one of the earliest artforms to use light. We have animated some antique stained glass windows as a celebration of the Christmas season".

18. Carpark - Live Drawing
OUTDOOR FACADE - Live Drawing, shot from street. Artist Anya Brock will bring the wall to life each night while people watch.
19. Chapel - WA Flora
OUTDOOR FACADE - Native flora linocuts by artist Jude Taylor.  

"I am a practicing Western Australian artist who reinterprets the essential character, strength, tenacity and beauty of West Australian wildflowers into bright, vibrant and dramatic hand-painted lino-cuts. Inspired by the ability of Western Australian wildflowers to sustain life in a hostile environment and the hardy Australian bush women, who were both able to flourish in a harsh West Australian environment".

20. Roundhouse - Kids Art on the Arch
OUTDOOR FACADE - Over 500 children from Fremantle and as far afield as San Francisco submitted artwork for this iconic Fremantle landmark.