Photo galleries will be added on this site and images will be available at high resolution in VJzoo's Flickr set during and after the event.

If you would like to tag your own photos on Flickr or Twitter, use the tag #projectionsonhigh so we can all find them.

When photographing projection, remember to TURN OFF YOUR FLASH and keep your camera or phone stable by resting it on anything handy or using a tripod.

Long exposures are good for still projection, but when the projection is moving you need to take quite a short exposure or it will blur, so increase your ISO as much as you can before you notice "colour noise" - this will depend on your camera and how large your sensor is.

The photo below of "Shore Leave" animation at Bar Orient was taken with an iPhone 4s. The projection was moving, and we had no tripod, but rested on a nearby window frame.