Kids Art on the Arch

The Roundhouse Arch (aka Whalers Tunnel) featured specially-made artwork by around 500 kids aged 5-17, both local and international.

We took a lot of pics of kids with their artwork up, but for privacy reasons we haven't uploaded these. Email if your child had their photo taken and you'd like it sent to you.

If you can't see the slideshows here (eg don't have Flash or are using an iPad or iPhone) then you should be able to see them at VJzoo's Flickr.

Thanks to local libraries and schools for sending in entries, including Lance Holt Primary, Beaconsfield Primary, Samson Primary and White Gum Valley Primary and even some pre-primary kids!

And thanks to Sarah and her staff at City of Fremantle for putting them all through the scanner :)

We hope to do similar projects in other communities around the state in 2012 so that more kids can show their family and friends their artwork REALLY BIG on a special building.

It was a huge hit with local families:

"Thankyou so much it is a great concept and a real thrill for the kids."

"Congratulations on such a beautiful project - we visited twice and were enchanted each time - hope you get to do it all again next year."

"Congratulations on your awesome creation! Strolling down High St admiring the projections was a beautiful way to spend a balmy evening and for (my son) to see his own artwork made big on the Roundhouse Arch was a real thrill."

"Came down last night to see Projections on High and was totally amazed. We were mainly at the tunnel watching the children's artwork which was all really good. Well worth the wait to see both my boys work illuminated on the tunnel."

"It is a wonderful project and we hope you get to do lots more!.. I have sent (pic of my daughter with her projection) to my family in NZ so they can check it out."

"Thank you so much for making it fun. We loved seeing (my son's) art work projected!!!!"

"You were so wonderful that night and the work is just brilliant. Made Fremantle (a place I grew up in but left 25 years ago for Melbourne) feel like home again. And my kids thought it was "cool"."

Art on the Arch Freo Kids. Projections on High 2011 Art on the Arch US Kids. Projections on High 2011